Dr. Elizabeth "Lisa" Caparelli-Ruff



Dr. Elizabeth Caparelli-Ruff and her husband Tom have been residents of Homer Glen for two decades. Elizabeth and Tom have two sons, Nicolas, and Luke. She was elected 16th precinct committeewoman in November 2020, and recently elected a Will County regional office Education Board Trustee in November 2021.  Dr. Caparelli-Ruff has served students and their families in both the public and private educational sectors. Her experiences include general and special education teacher and several administrative positions. She has held positions as Dean of Students in a local high school, Director of Special Education in an elementary district, and a principal. Dr. Caparelli-Ruff is well versed in kindergarten through high school settings, and has helped students at the individual building and district wide levels.

Her dedication to high school and elementary students and their families also extends to higher education. She was Associate Professor at Trinity Christian College from 2018 to 2021. Her passion for educating all students is reflected in her vast and varied experiences. Her loyalty in
her beliefs that quality education can make a difference in the lives of families, drives her to continue to strive for change in Will County. Lisa has a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University, a master’s degree from Lewis University, and Doctorate at Concordia University. In her spare time Lisa enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dogs.